Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Bulldog Logo Debuts, Still In Use 40 Years Later - Friday, September 1st, 1978

From The Reading Eagle's Saturday, September 2nd, 1978 edition, courtesy Google Newspapers.
The first Wilson Football primary logo, used from the mid-60's through the 1977 season, with it's final appearance on helmets during the season finale victory over Governor Mifflin, 17-7, on Saturday, November 12th, 1977. Image commissioned by Joe Mays & designed by Jake Damon.

One of the most dominant eras of Wilson Football, a four-season run from 1978 through 1981, began with a new primary logo for the Bulldogs. Gone was the over-inflated red football with a 'W' inset; the new mark would be a generic free-use bulldog that has become synonymous with the program from West Lawn, PA. While colors have been swapped over the years, and some details have been refined, the bulldog pictured below has now been used for 40 seasons (and counting).

This generic and free-use bulldog logo debuted on helmets worn by the Wilson Football team during their game at Pottsville on Friday, September 1st, 1978. Iterations of this design have been used ever since.