Tuesday, August 1, 2017

2017 WFPO Fundraiser - NFL "Last Man Standing" Pool

From the Wilson Football Parents Organization...

Hello, Bulldog Nation!

The NFL Season is approaching quickly. Training camps start next week. Below are instructions for the Last Man Standing Pool. Please forward this email which has the link to anyone you know who would enjoy participating in this fundraiser.

$20 entry fee. You will play the NFL season. Pick 1 team per week. As long as your team wins you are still alive. You may only use a team once. (i.e., you can't pick New England each week to win) There is some strategy involved. If your team loses the first week you are finished. Depending on the number of people that participate, I am open to a "buy in" pool. This would be a pool of those who were knocked out within the first 4 weeks. That is not set in stone yet.

The number of participants (ENTRIES) will determine the pot. You may have multiple entries. Each entry is $20 for the entire NFL season. The pot will be a 50/50 split with WFPO. EXAMPLE: IF we have 300 entries @ $20 per entry that is $6000. The WFPO will automatically get $3000 less the website fee, which is based upon the number of entries. If there are multiple entries "still standing" at the end of the NFL regular season, they will split the remaining $3000. In the years I have been involved; the most that I know have split a pot was 3. That had about 700 entries. At $20 an entry...you do the math.

Making your picks is all on you. Once you register via the link I sent you, I suggest you save that site to your desktop. We have a couple of entries that already made their first pick. You must go to the site each week and pick your team. If you survive for the first 15 weeks and in week 16 you forget to pick your team.....you are out. There are no exceptions to this rule. I do not and will not take any requests to make a pick for any participant for any reason.

Entry Fees:
If I do not have your entry fee(s) by the first Regular Season NFL game which is Thursday, Sept 7th you are not eligible to play. Cut-off time for receiving the fee is 4pm on September 7th. Once you have registered on the site. Send your fee(s) to WFPO Last Man Standing, 2669 Shillington Road, Sinking Spring, Pa 19608. I will cross reference the entry(s) with the fees due and the name. Once received you will be confirmed to play.

On the site you have access to navigate through all of the information regarding our pool. You make your picks there. You can also access the history of everyone's picks, the number of people knocked out each week and who which team lost. As well as those who won and their picks. The system will update each week with how many entries are "still standing".

This is the inaugural "WFPO LAST MAN STANDING POOL"! Below is the link to register. I believe I covered the most important items. If you know of someone who might have an interest in participating, please have them send an email to wfpoparents@gmail.com, commenting on their interest. I will send them an invite.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. If you are having problems accessing the pool info, please let me know.

Thank You for your support of the WFPO, players, coaches, managers, and trainers that we are always so proud to call ours.