Friday, September 6, 2019

Spring-Ford School Sporting Events Bag Policy

Important info. for tonight's game at Spring-Ford, as forwarded to me by Wilson AD Drew Kaufmann...

"Message from the Spring-Ford School Police: Bags at Sporting Events 
The safety and security of our students, staffs, and visitors during a school sponsored event is paramount.
Moving forward, no backpacks or large purses/bags will be allowed into Coach McNelly Stadium, Rams Baseball Stadium, or sporting events inside the school districts building. There will be an area located outside of the venue if people choose to leave their bags there. Please note, Spring-Ford School Police and Security will not monitor this area. The best practice is to leave your bags at home, in your lockers, or in your vehicles.
Diaper bags or bags needed for medical reasons are allowed but are subject to search by Security prior to entry.
You will not be allowed into the event without being vetting by Security. Persons who do not cooperate with this directive, will be asked to leave the property. Small purses and/or persons on campus are subject to search while on district property.
Note: this directive does not apply to Spring-Ford Area School District athletes, coaches, trainers, band personnel, facilities personnel or tech/communications personnel, participating in the actual event.
Special events need to coordinate with the School Police Department/Security prior to the event if backpacks and bags are a necessary component of that special event with 48 hours’ notice.
Thank you for your future cooperation in keeping our school district safe."

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